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About Find DNS records

Online Find DNS records is a DNS client that you can use to check DNS records for a given domain name in our DNS records lookup tool. DNS records let you check all of a website's DNS records. DNS checker and DNS lookup give you the same information that command line tools like dig and name server checkers do.

What is a DNS record?

Commonly, when people talk about a DNS lookup, they're referring to the process through which domain names (like are translated into numerical IP addresses (like

These numbers are used by computers to interact with each other via the Internet, but humans couldn't understand these numbers. When network design changes are needed, they may be changed.

How to read DNS?

You need to know the IP address of the DNS server you want to connect to in order to use it. Normally, your Internet service provider will provide this (Internet Service Provider). Using the command line ipconfig/all command, you may see the IP address and the DNS server that your computer is associated with.

How to use DNS record checker tool?

To check the DNS record you can use our DNS lookup tool, simply enter your domain name and click on the ‘submit’ button. Our check DNS of the website tool will show you a result in the field box.

What is reverse DNS lookup?

The opposite of a regular DNS lookup is a reverse DNS lookup. It changes an IP address into a domain name instead of a domain name into an IP address. A PTR record that points to the domain name will need to be on the DNS server.