You have got to go for the “Codecademy Pro plan” that offers more than just the basic stuff? Like Supplemental courses,and many more Introduction to Blockchain and Crypto · Introduction to IT · Choosing a Programming Language

How to get a free trial of Codecademy Pro?

    Let me explain you in some steps,
  • Create a phony, functional credit card. Not Sure How? View This: How to Obtain a Free Virtual Credit Card
  • Clear All Previous Data From Your Browser On Codecademy: Site Settings - All Sites in Chrome – Clear All Data After Searching "Codecademy."
  • Visit this link, provide your information, and then click "Sign Up."
  • Your email address is verified. (You Can Use Either Real Email Or Temp Email).
  • Create a fresh account on Codecademy by entering the information requested: Name, email, and password
  • Click on the triple bar after selecting "Go To The Catalogue" ([]). A drop-down menu will then appear.
  • Click on "Pricing" - "Individual" after scrolling down.
  • Continue to the bottom until you see "Try Pro For Free." Click on it as well.
  • You'll be taken to the billings page, where you must complete the form as displayed below.

  1. Card Details: Write Down The Fake Credit Card Number That You Have Generated.
  2. MM/YY: The Expiration Date Should Be According To Your Fake Credit Card.
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  7. Zip Code: The Zip Code Should Be According To Your Fake Credit Card Details.

Once You Have Completed Writing Down All The Information, Click On “Start 7-Day Free Trial.”

    What is Codecademy? Is it worth it?

    Codecademy is an online learning platform that provides courses and tutorials in various programming languages and related technologies, such as web development, data science, and artificial intelligence. The platform is designed to be interactive, with hands-on exercises and projects that allow learners to practice what they've learned.

    Codecademy is definitely worth it if you're interested in learning to code. The platform is well-designed and user-friendly, with clear explanations and helpful feedback. Codecademy's courses are also designed to be engaging, with plenty of interactive elements to keep learners interested.

    Moreover, Codecademy offers a range of free courses that are perfect for beginners who are just getting started with programming. These courses provide a solid foundation in key programming concepts and languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL.

    However, if you're looking for more advanced courses or want to specialize in a particular programming language or technology, you may need to pay for a Codecademy Pro subscription. While the cost of a subscription is relatively affordable, it's worth considering your budget and goals before making a commitment.

    Currently, Codecademy Supplies A Whopping 12 Unique Programming Languages. The List Includes:

    The co-founders of Codecademy are Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski. They founded Codecademy in August 2011 with the goal of creating an online platform to teach people how to code. Since then, Codecademy has grown to become one of the most popular online learning platforms for coding, with over 45 million registered users as of 2021

      Here are Codecademy Pro

      Codecademy Pro offers the following features:

      • Access to all courses, quizzes, and projects
      • Personalized learning plan
      • Access to members-only community forum
      • Real-world projects and portfolios
      • Step-by-step guidance and support
      • Offline access to courses with the mobile app
      • Flexible pricing options
      • Exclusive events and webinars
      • Proven curriculum taught by industry professionals

      Here are Codecademy Cons:

      Let me explain you in details.

      1. Additionally, some learners may find the text-align left default property in HTML to be restrictive and may want to explore more advanced CSS options for aligning text on their web pages. However, this is a minor issue that can be easily addressed by supplementing Codecademy's HTML course with additional learning resources or by experimenting with CSS properties on their own.
      2. Despite these potential cons, Codecademy's HTML course does offer several advantages to learners. For one, it provides a structured, step-by-step approach to learning HTML that can help beginners build a solid foundation in the language. Additionally, Codecademy's interactive platform allows learners to practice and apply what they've learned in real-time, which can be a valuable way to reinforce their knowledge and build confidence.
      3. Overall, while there may be some cons to using Codecademy's HTML course, it can still be a useful tool for beginners looking to learn HTML and start building their own websites.
      4. How to get Codecademy pro for free? Codecademy premium cookies 2023.

        This will be the second trick we cover in this article, so we wanted to make sure it worked on all platforms, including Android, Windows PC, and Mac OS. One of the best features of this incredible trick is that you can use it indefinitely.
        A Cookies Trick That You Add To Your Browser To Have Free Access To Codecademy Pro/Premium. Making It Absolutely Easy For You To Access Codecademy Pro At No Cost. There Is Nothing Tricky About It, And It Runs Smoothly.

        How to get udemy paid courses for free 2023

        • Udemy Free Courses section: Udemy has a dedicated section where you can find free courses. Visit the Udemy website and navigate to the "Free Courses" section to browse through the available options.
        • Udemy Coupons and Deals websites: There are websites that aggregate and share Udemy coupon codes and deals, including free courses. You can search for these websites online and look for any ongoing promotions or free course offers.
        • Udemy newsletters and social media: Udemy often promotes its courses through newsletters and social media channels. Subscribing to their newsletter or following them on platforms like Facebook or Twitter can help you stay updated on any free course offers or discounts.
        • Search engines: You can also use search engines like Google to search for free Udemy courses. Simply enter keywords like "free Udemy courses" or "Udemy course name + free" to find any relevant results or blog posts that share free course links.

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        • Now you will see delete, export all, import all, add, button..
        • Now go to codecademy offical site Website.
        • Once codecademy pro website loaded properly click on cookies edtior extension icon
        • Now you will see delete, export all, import all, add, button.
        • First delete all previouse cookies
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