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About Class C Ip Checker

Class C IP Checker Tool” is a basic but effective tool that shows the domain's class of IP address so you may check for duplicates. This IP address Class C Checker can identify the same C range that hosts several websites.


The Class C IP Checker is easy to use. Type the domain name of the site whose Class C IP you want to find in the text box. After putting the domain names into the c class IP checker, click the "submit" button. Within a few seconds, our class c IP tool will show the result.


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The C class IP checker will reveal your host names, IP addresses, Class C IPs, and status in the results.

If the results reveal hosts with the same class C IP and the status is "valid," everything is OK. This duplicate IP address checker helps identify websites that share IPs.

Why do you use the class C IP checker Tool?

Check whether chosen websites are hosted on the same C Class Range using this tool. It's useful for finding harmful websites in your area and class. It also checks similar subnet IP addresses. If a website hosts on the same range, you must take precautions before your IP Class is banned. Use our best tool  my IP address to check your IP address



Class A

The first part of a class is the value of an address is always 0. It only leaves seven bits for the part of the address that is about the network. The addresses for Class A range from to This means there can only be 128 network numbers.

Class B

In a class B address, the first bit is always 1, and the second bit is always 0. It means that class B addresses can be given to 16,384 networks. There are to numbers.

Class C

Addresses in Class C have the first two bits is set to 1 and the third bit to 0. This implies that 2,097,152 different networks may be given an IP address from this range. The range of IP addresses is from to Example of a Class C IP Address: 123.789.456.1

Class D

The first three bits of a Class D address are 1, while the fourth bit is 0. The multicasting protocols employ Class D addresses. Multicast addresses are located in the range -

Class E

Class E addresses are only ever used for non-standard purposes like testing and experimentation.